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These programmes are among the ILM’s most senior qualifications. They are designed for practising and aspiring senior managers and leaders who wish to develop their professional capability and personal ‘brand’. They will be looking to make the best use of resources and understand the need to optimise their organisation’s performance. They may also have to present arguments for change, construct business cases, lead change and evaluate its impact.

You will see growth in your professional capabilities and your personal ‘brand’. You will gain valuable experience of working on and improving strategic issues within an organisation and will grow and develop as senior leaders and managers.

Programme Content

The Certificate consists of 1 unit, which can be completed in 4 months:
• Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry

The Diploma consists of 3 units, which can be completed in 12 months:
• Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry
• Developing a high-level business case
• Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources




£1,980 + VAT


£2,995 + VAT

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