Our Members

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, as such, we constantly source their feedback and information to gauge the most relevant learning and development opportunities for them as a whole and individually.

Below you can find a list of all our current members and if you would like further information on any of them simply click the name and you will be redirected to their websites.

MBC = Metropolitan Borough Council
BC = Borough Council
DC = District Council

Members Representatives

Councillor Barbara Cannon
Councillor Derek Brook
Councillor Ron Whittle
Councillor Ivan Taylor
Councillor Ebrahim Adia
Councillor Wajid Khan
Councillor Jane Lewis
Councillor Colin Glover
Councillor Paul Findlow
Councillor Paul Donovan
Councillor Peter Wilson
Councillor John Bowman
Councillor Barry Doughty
Councillor Kevin Beaty
Councillor Karen Buckley
Councillor Mike Wharton
Councillor Gareth Molineux
Councillor Tony Newman
Councillor Jenny Mein
Councillor Lucy Atkinson
Councillor Alan Dean
Councillor John Flanagan
Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman
Councillor Iqbal Mohammed
Councillor Mark Yates
Councillor Rosie Elms
Councillor Aftab Hussain
Councillor Patrick Marriott
Councillor Kate Lewis
Councillor Paulette Lappin
Councillor Susan Sanderson
Councillor Colin Clark
Councillor Iain Roberts
Councillor Martin Bond
Councillor Kate Butler
Councillor Brian D Rigby MBE
Councillor Graham Friend
Councillor Chris Wynn
Councillor Terence Halliwell
Councillor Adrian Jones
Councillor Graham Holden

Joint Board Representatives 

Councillor Fred Walker
Councillor Mary Rasmussen