Working with Elizabeth has been a really helpful process, through our coaching sessions I have started to feel more confident about having difficult conversations at work and that I have the power to do so.
What I really liked about the Councillor Induction Programme is that it was it was in dialect you could understand not this corporate jargon. It answered all my questions so thanks to your very informative staff.
Really enjoyed the session and I have taken a lot of relevant thoughts away to reflect on and share with colleagues.
I wanted to personally say ‘thank you’ for the Quality Conversation workshops you have run for us. The initial timescales were very challenging and you have delivered the workshops with great conviction, energy and flexibility.
I was able to gain new perspectives and solutions on development areas I was already aware of, and also identify the root of some further areas I would consider were previously ‘blind spots’.
It was great as so relevant to the role and picked up on things that are not necessarily discussed everyday in the office.
Very informative day with a great deal of food for thought.
You have helped to improve my confidence in saying how I feel about leadership.
I thought that the webinar was a great flexible way to share learning and knowledge.
Fantastic, informative and well paced. Complex issues delivered in clear, concise format. Thank you. Darren is a god!
From the sessions with Elizabeth I am now starting to ‘future proof’ myself and am taking control to feel happier about myself and where I would like to be in a years’ time.
The ODPE course is a great way to share common challenges and solutions, and learn different techniques to improve our practice.
Being able to put consulting and contracting into practice.
Not reinventing the wheel but bespoking it for my organisation.
Just the right level of interactivity to keep the training interesting without putting anyone on the spot
I just wanted to say thank you very much for such an interesting and enjoyable session yesterday. I had so many great conversations and came away with much food for thought. Well done for selecting such a great venue and for an excellent approach.
Just a quick note to thank you very much for the brilliant training workshop last night. The feedback from Members was fantastic and your usual magic, style and expert delivery made such a difference. I gained lots of valuable information and ideas for us to improve our approach to governance and scrutiny too.
I have taken a lot away from the programme and it helped me reflect. Basecamp is a great resource to revisit materials. Experimenting with the modules was really good as was relationship building to help others solve problems. Organisational Development Practitioner Essentials Programme #ODPractitionerEssentials
Building Confidence in Having Strength-Based Conversations with Neurodivergent Employees – Feb 2024 The most useful things I gained from the session: “Having the confidence to ask the relevant questions, the different traits of neurodivergent conditions and using lots of case studies which can be applied in the real world.” “Going through the various different types of neurodiversity and being able to talk to follow participants in an open forum.” “Food for thought in terms of own behaviour and that of others – reflecting on own management style.” “Made me consider from another person’s point of view.” “Correct language being used, that wouldn’t have been used prior to today – will recommend!”
2020 has been one the most challenging years of my career to date – I’m sure I’m not alone. I do not think I would have survived without my mentoring sessions with Elizabeth – she has been my rock in a very swirly sea storm! Elizabeth has helped me with my resilience and just getting through this year, as well as, getting me to understand myself better. I have also really improved my relationship and communication with my line-manager which has been massively tested this year!