North West in it Together: Leading the System

North West in it Together: Leading the System

by | Mar 16, 2015


Thanks to everyone who took part in the North West in it Together: Leading the System Conference on 4 March 2015 and helped to make it such a success. North West Employers and NHS North West Leadership Academy found it very encouraging to see so many leaders from various, cross sector organisations at the event. We hope you agree that it was a very engaging event, with interesting speakers discussing some very thought provoking topics that are high on the agenda for collaborative, cross sector working.

Below are a few of the feedback comments from the day:

“Well organised and worthwhile event”

“Warren Escadale was brilliant and really made me think of the opportunities available and challenged my perceptions and traditional thinking. Could have listened to him challenge traditional approaches for much longer”

“Dynamic sessions, good pace”

This page gives you ongoing access to resources from the conference and ways you can find out more about the topics that you heard about.

North West in it Together Conference Programme

Conference Presentations (Click the title to view and download)

Letting Go, Improving Care
Chris Ham, Chief Executive of The King’s Fund
Chris discussed how the NHS five year forward plan impacted on health and care integration as we head towards a General Election, with increased squeeze on budgets. He explained how the work of the King’s Fund tells us about those leaders that are successful at leading across systems, using case study examples.

What if… Leaders inspired a sense of shared purpose
Becky Malby, Director of Centre for Innovation in Health Care Management at University of Leeds
Becky asked the question: “can leaders create a sense of shared purpose, culture and behaviours?” She also discussed the impact this has on providing truly integrated health and care giving practical examples and case studies of where people have done this.

The Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in Making Integrated Health and Care a success
Warren Escadale, Chief Executive at Voluntary Sector North West
Warren asked the questions; “Who are Voluntary Sector North West and how are they supporting health and care integration? How can the voluntary and community sector take their impact to the next level?” He also gave examples of where voluntary and community sector leaders are leading the way.

The 21st Century Public Servant: Implications for health and care integration
Catherine Mangan, Senior Fellow for INLOGOV at the University of Birmingham
Catherine explored the questions of “What does it mean to be a 21st century public servant? What are the skills, attributes and values which effective public servants that will be displayed in the future? How can people working in public services be supported to get those skills? What does this research mean for how professionals from across health and care work together?”

Workshop Presentations

The Future Systems Leadership Role of Health and Wellbeing Boards
Alyson Morley, Senior Adviser (Transforming Health) at Local Government Association.
Alyson discussed how HWB have impacted on health and wellbeing since their introduction in 2012. She gave specific examples of where boards are working effectively across the health and wellbeing system as well as examining the different ways in which they could be utilised for greater impact across a place.

Leadership for Integration: Sharing the Learning World Cafe
This was a World Café style workshop, involving discussion with the NHS North West Leadership Academy Leadership for Integration participants from a range of commissioning, provider and local authority organisations. Geographical teams include Cumbria, Stockport, Oldham, South Cheshire and Vale Royal.

Delegates had the opportunity to hear about the impact of the programme, and the innovative changes this has helped teams to bring about in their localities. They also learned about the work that participants have done in bringing about whole system change to achieve better outcomes, working with partners across health and local government.

Integrating the system: what are the critical success factors?
Elizabeth Bradbury, Director and Adele Markland, Improvement Advisor – Integrated Care at Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA).
In this informative and collaborative workshop delegates learned about the work that AQuA has undertaken to support leaders across the system to tackle the critical success factors of integration and understand ways in which the impact of integration programmes can be measured. Elizabeth and Adele also explored how the theory of collaborative leadership is being translated into practice, illustrated with national and international examples. They also discussed recommendations made by AQuA’s independent evaluation of their work.

Power to the People: Renegotiating the relationship between professionals and citizens
Martin Routledge, Director at the Coalition for Collaborative Care
Martin gave delegates the opportunity to hear about examples of where the experiences, skills and talents of citizens are being utilised to improve health and care services. Delegates also explored how we shift the relationship between citizens and professionals and the role of leaders in making the movement happen.

Videos, photos and animation

North West in it Together Animation by Ice Creations

The events of the day were captured using video, photography and animation which has produced some very powerful resources. As well as capturing the key messages of the event in a really powerful way, they reflect the energy and passion that I’m sure you all agree, was present on the day. The videos will be added to this site in the near future.

Click HERE to view the photo’s from the event

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