2015 Annual Conference: Re-Imagine Public Services

2015 Annual Conference: Re-Imagine Public Services

by | Aug 11, 2015

At this years’ Annual Conference we had a fantastic line up of speakers that engaged and inspired the audience to think differently about how we re-imagine public services.

Creating opportunities for our members and their partners to connect and network is core to why we exist as an organisation. We have utilised our annual conference to bring together leaders from across public services to share ideas and practice around how we can re-imagine our public services.


The event featured informative, interactive and inspirational presentations from:

Professor Tony Travers, Department of Government at London School of Economics
Matching aspirations to resources: changes, trends and opportunities

Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive at the LGA – What next for local government
68 days into a new government what are the implications for the sector and LGA priorities?

Andrew Lightfoot, Director of Public Service Reform at Greater Manchester Combined Authority 
Eyes on the prize – how will devolution change public service, from imagination to delivery in Greater Manchester?

Andy Walker, Citizen Representative 
Keeping it real – people centred thinking for public services.

Catherine Mangan, Senior Fellow, INLOGOV at the University of Birmingham
What does this new world require of us as leaders?

Annette Wetherell, Love Barrow Families Project Lead at Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust
Working with complex families differently in Barrow


We hope that as a result of the conference the delegates will not only make meaningful connections with colleagues they wouldn’t normally come into contact with, but also be inspired to take forward ideas that they have heard to their local area.

Here’s a flavour of what the delegates thought……

An exceptionally inspiring event.

As an HR practitioner working on a range of transformation activities, the focus of the event was highly appropriate. Thank you.

Another opportunity to work together as councils for the betterment of the communities we represent.

Good to get out of your own local bubble and meet other people and hear what they are doing.

Coming from an NHS organisation, it was great to understand a local government perspective – lots of food for thought.


We are planning a series of further events throughout the year and we hope you will be able to join us at these.

If you would like to find out more about how North West Employers can support you to re-imagine public services then get in touch with the team support@nwemployers.org.uk or 0161 834 9362.



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