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Our workplaces are teeming with talented, innovative and committed individuals who, given the appropriate time and attention, will blossom to reach their full potential, repaying the time invested in them tenfold. We are here to help you tap into that potential and unlock skills and abilities that your team may not even realise they have. We will also help you plan your ‘Talent Pathway’ into the future of the public sector and enable you to become an employer of choice, with a reputation for attracting and developing the very highest calibre of employees.

Working with you, our members, we provide expert advice and support on workforce issues. In addition to representing your views as part of the national pay consultation process, on a more local level we can support you with restructures, dispute resolution, conciliation and mediation, policy review, as well as keeping you informed about policy updates.

Independent Investigations

We understand that when problems arise in the workplace it is imperative to make sure they are dealt with fairly ...

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Policy Reviews

If carried out incorrectly, HR policy development, review and implementation can make a bad situation worse ...

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Skills Based Practice

Here at North West Employers we offer an array of skills workshops and employment briefings ...

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Pay & Rewards

Recruitment and retention difficulties are increasingly common across the public sector ...

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Mediation Service

If you need help to resolve disputes and breakdowns in your team’s working relationships ...

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Talent Development & Recruitment

Making your organisation the best it can be starts with talent development ...

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Top Team Development

If you want to drive your organisation forward, you need your top team working together like a well-oiled machine ...

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360 Feedback

Great leaders have great self-awareness and our 360 tool provides leaders with the opportunity to reflect ...

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Workforce Wellbeing

It is well documented that a happy and healthy workforce is good for any organisation, especially the public sector ...

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Place Based Leadership

‘Leadership of place’ is an inclusive model of leadership ...

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Management Essentials

Managing services in local government is about providing high quality services that citizens ...

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