Our Top 5 Tips for a Better Monday

Our Top 5 Tips for a Better Monday

We think Monday has been getting a raw deal over the years, the start of the week can sometimes seem daunting. Here at North West Employers we believe the start of the week should be your chance to set your ‘to do’ list or get things sorted in order to maintain a productive week.

Here are our top 5 tips for setting yourself up for a great week:

1. Create a to do list that you can actually stick to. Tackling those hardest tasks at the start of the day can give you a sense of accomplishment and increase motivation.

2. Minimise distractions – does your mobile beep away with app updates? Is the radio too loud or your favourite news website open in your browser? If you minimise these distractions that you control, you will save time and keep your focus for longer.

3. Get some fresh air! Make sure either before or after your lunch you go for a little walk, it doesn’t have to be a sweaty affair, just make sure you take in some fresh air.

4. Drink plenty of water. There’s nothing better than washing away those weekend habits that drinking the recommended amount of water for the day. We recommend 8 Glasses.

5. Take advantage of your Sky+ or catch up services. Instead of staying up way past your bedtime on Sunday, record all your favourite shows and reward yourself through the week.

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