ODPE is a unique programme that supports leaders and practitioners who want to help their organisations. grow, evolve and thrive in a challenging world. The outcome we are looking for from this programme is to support capable, confident and credible leaders who become the “go to” people internally. We have adapted the programme to support those of us who are likely to be in charge of or delivering restructure or organisational redesign.

Public services have never faced challenges at the scale we have experienced in the last 2-3 years! This programme equips leaders and practitioners with the mindsets, tools and approaches to build on the lessons learned in response to the crisis to harness and boost individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

This programme will give you the practical ‘know-how’, insights, tools and confidence to tackle challenges like:

  • Leading and managing effectively in this new world of work
  • Enabling healthy, flexible and high performing teams
  • People fulfilling their purpose
  • Growing healthy, well and resilient people, teams and organisations
  • Using digital mind-set in cultivating the right culture

Fundamentally the programme is about supporting leaders and practitioners to grow organisational effectiveness through people.

The programme is targeted at the very leaders currently involved in change and transformation – be that HR, L&D or OD practitioners as well as senior managers, aspiring leaders and leaders of transformation.

The programme covers the essentials of organisational development and consultancy but from a real-life and practical sense. We have also developed content on demystifying OD which is to be delivered by Frank O’Sullivan from Wirral Council; essential OD tools, mindsets and approaches needed for success delivered by Chris Malings from our associate team; an introduction to organisational design delivered by Sylvia Baumgartner from Labyrith Consulting; and effective completion/handover of projects by Nigel Carruthers, LGA. Overseeing the content and programme delivery we have a faculty of senior OD experts.

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Programme Content

The programme will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your skills, working ‘in the moment’ in a dynamic and collaborative environment.  You will be working with others on ‘real work’ in a safe environment that balances high support and high challenge. You will be encouraged to stretch your thinking, step out of your comfort zone and find a new way of ‘being’, rather than simply ‘doing’.

This Programme will be facilitated through a virtual, online environment, with a mix of group sessions, break-out areas and private ‘off-line’ research and reflection time.

Induction- Half Day: Who am I? Why am I here? Who are all these other people?

Establishing the team, understanding where you and others are just now, agreeing ways of working and planning your personal journey through the programme.

Module 1: 2 Days: Removing the language barrier

Exploring our current unique context and our current practice, demystifying OD, focusing on how to build trusted, collaborative relationships and rethinking mindsets and the nature of our role.  Setting out on an OD challenge.

Module 2: 2 Days: The tools in the kitbag

Who said what, and why?  Exploring ideas and approaches that can be applied to what’s happening right now within your organisation within the context of a COVID environment, whilst getting to grips with some underpinning theories and OD principles of OD – establishing a sound theoretical base for our work. Reflecting on and learning from your OD challenge, and planning what will happen next.

An introduction to organisational design, exploring the latest thinking, models and processes for ensuring both affordability and sustainability for the future.

Module 3: 1 Day: All change?

Exploring our experience of change and developing knowledge, skills and confidence to establish your credibility in enabling sustainable change within your organisation. Recognising where the power lies, or did lie pre-COVID, and using your spheres of influence to get things done. Continuing to reflect on and learn from your OD challenge, and planning how you might apply your latest thinking to this.

Module 4- 1 Day: So What?

What’s changed and how do we know?  Thinking about measuring the difference and ending a piece of work well whilst leaving ownership where it needs to be. Reflecting on individual and collective journeys and being clear on our network of support.

Module 5- Half Day: Pause, Reflect, Celebrate & think about what next…

Celebrating your achievements with your colleagues and key stakeholders,  consolidating your relationships within your network, and planning the next steps on your developmental journey.