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COVID-19 Support

The last couple of months have really tested the dedication and resilience of colleagues from across the public sector in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst we acknowledge just how challenging a time this has been and continues to be for many, we’re hearing some amazing examples of how organisations have adapted; equipping colleagues with the IT to work from home almost overnight; redeploying the workforce; setting up and supporting community hubs; checking in with those most in need and working in true collaboration with partners to do whatever is needed.

We’ve responded to the emerging picture by continuing to adapt our offer and in our next phase we’ve included more support around wellbeing and the new ways of working, whilst keeping a watching eye, as you would expect, on any changes to HR guidance. In case you’ve missed anything we have done so far, click here to access the range of resources that are available.

Here’s the next phase of our support to you including some latest developments in our consultancy offer:

Employer Support

  • Regular updates as the national guidance and position evolves and develops
  • We are your regional voice to co-ordinate national guidance and your conduit to feed your thoughts, views and needs into national discussions
  • HR Advice line and specialised support continues as normal
  • Fortnightly HR Webinars to provide updates and a Q&A session on key changes to legislation
  • Weekly summary of key issues, communications and resources from other sectors will be circulated via Basecamp

Health & Wellbeing

  • Updated interactive practical support- a new online module focused on thriving in isolation- click here to access
  • Expert led digital workshops to provide practical support for leaders in creating psychologically safe and resilient teams- find out more here

Supporting Digital Working

  • Bite sized learning and webinars, together with support, to enable you to adapt to new ways of working
  • Dedicated COVID-19 online network to connect the region and share best practice
  • Practical guidance and support to help Councillors connect with their communities via social media
  • Signposting to national resources, supporting the democratic process e.g. scrutiny, virtual meeting etiquette

Emergency Coaching for Chief Executives & Senior Leaders

  • Emergency Coaching/Mentoring for Chief Executives and Senior Officers with an experienced, professional coach. Read the profiles of our Emergency Coaches here

Business as Usual

  • Meetings and activities delivered via digital platforms
  • Keeping you connected via digital regional networks and BaseCamp
  • Our consultancy work and additional support continues to be available through digital solutions wherever possible, for example, our brand new programme for OD practitioners to help manage change and digital assessment centres to support recruitment


If you require a copy of this information please feel free to download a copy of our PDF here.​