We can help you assess and gain recognition for developing your elected members

The North West Member Development Charter is an established accreditation and award for councils who support and develop their councillors. North West Employers assess and improve your practices, ensuring councillors can fulfil their vital community role.
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“We believe a commitment to the development of elected members must be at the heart of any authority dedicated to meeting the needs of its community.”
– Alan Dean, Chair, North West Employers

With our Member Development Charter, councils have the tools they need to review and improve the support they provide for councillor development. Achieve the award and you can demonstrate independent validation of your good practice.

How does the Member Development Charter work?

Use the Assessment Framework

You can read guidance notes, learn more about the approach and three levels of award, and use the online tool to upload your evidence to the assessment team.

Partnering with Other Regions

We’ve partnered with Northern Ireland Local Government Association to help a group of Northern Irish councils work towards the charter. They’re using the assessment framework, guidance notes and online tool.

Share Learning and Best Practice

We can provide you with case studies that illustrate good practice, from councils that have been through the process. You can also participate in our networks to ask questions and share your own learning.

More Support for Your Councillors

Has the Member Development Charter got you thinking about how to develop your councillors? Take a look at our specialist services including skills development, personal development planning and policy updated.

Innovating Through Research

We’re working with the University of Birmingham to develop research on The 21st Century Councillor and help organisations across the North West bring this to life. We are currently field-testing a 360-degree feedback tool and skills audits.

Meet the Assessment Team

When you’re ready for the assessment, we’ll arrange a date with you. Your assessment will be with a member of the Regional Development Committee and an officer from North West Employers.

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