Our consultancy services have been developed to support and enhance our membership services by providing additional value which is paid at the point of delivery. These services add value to our overall offer and generate income that is reinvested back into North West Employers. This also helps us stay close to the latest thinking whilst contributing to the ongoing financial sustainability of the organisation.

As a member of North West Employers you will receive exclusive rates when accessing any of our consultancy services.

Life As a Councillor

Life As a Councillor

Life as a Councillor is aimed at newly elected members who want to learn more about the role and how to be successful in it.

The programme is developmental and conversational and provides an answer to the facts and experiences councillors wish they had been told right at the start of their political careers.

Led by an existing councillor and rooted in real experience, it acts as an orientation and onboarding experience. This is a “booster” programme to follow on from locally run inductions and aims to:

  • Have real life insights into being councillors
  • Connect with like-minded councillors
  • Bring this experience and awareness into the councillor role

The programme is broken into three modules, is funded for the first 10 cohorts and starts in June.

Management Essentials

Management Essentials

Management Essentials puts people at the heart of development – when all we can see is their face!

At North West Employers, one of our goals is to support all our members to become employers of choice. To achieve this goal, we need great managers and great managers need the skills and the confidence to get the best out of their people wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Managers have had a challenging time during COVID-19 and we have developed a “pick and mix” approach to supplement existing programmes being delivered internally.

We can also bring our experience in virtual delivery to build confidence in managers to try things out and work with their staff with authenticity and inclusivity – whether that be dealing with the ‘hard management stuff’ or ‘softer, relational work– it’s about developing into the best manager possible.

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We are also able to offer bespoke to support new ways of working and digital transformation.

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