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It’s our mission to help our member organisations lead the public sector with resilient, high-performing teams and a strong collective identity built on trust and positive values. We’re helping you achieve this with development programmes tailored to your budgets, priorities and timescales. Our support is built on decades of public-sector experience and knowledge.
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Our executive and board support services

Chief Executive Appraisal and Recruitment Support

We are an independent advisor to chief executive appraisal panels across the region. We work to continuously improve the appraisal process using an in-house process that gathers feedback on chief executives from key partners. We’re also committed to supporting appointment panels to recruit and retain the very best chief executives. We understand the public sector and we provide high-quality, value-for-money recruitment support.

Action Learning

With action learning, you can explore and resolve real work issues in small groups of your peers. The process provides a structure for continuous development, focused on achieving sustainable change.

Political Team Development

We provide specialised support for cabinets to develop high-performing political teams, and for senior teams to work through and gain clarity on their vision and challenges. We can help you develop new organisational and leadership models, build stronger team relationships and create a positive culture in new, integrated organisations.

Board Development

Bring your new or existing board together in a safe and reflective space, where you can learn and build trusting relationships. We can work with you to design programmes that help develop a shared narrative and pave the way for effective working and governance.

Executive Coaching

Discuss the issues you find most challenging, overcome potential barriers and reach your full potential. North West Employers’ executive coaching sessions provide the time and space to work on your professional and personal quandaries as leaders.

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