Following the success of our behavioural and evidence-based programme in 2023, we are delighted to announce new dates for 2024.

The complex environment we operate in necessitates that organisations seek innovative solutions to HR and OD challenges. With this in mind, we’ve crafted an offering introducing key concepts within evidence-based practice and behaviour-based HR and OD.

Some of our members have embarked on this journey with us and have already witnessed the benefits these approaches offer. Understanding that our members vary in their organisational and learning development stages, and have diverse requirements for evidence and behaviour-based offerings, we are delivering several potential pathways within this offer. These pathways will cater to different levels of content, ensuring suitability for all members based on their budget, availability, capacity, and development needs.

Evidence Based Sessions

Introduction to Evidence-Based HR and OD27 June 2024
People Analytics and Using Data11 July 2024
Ensuring Learning Transfer and Evaluation30 August 2024

Behavioural Based Sessions

Introduction to Behavioural-Based HR and OD19 June 2024
A Behavioural Approach to Stress Management and Wellbeing16 September 2024
A Behavioural Approach to Conflict Resolution23 October 2024
A Behavioural Approach to Change Management18 November 2024
A Behaviour-Based Approach to Supporting High Performance12 December 2024
Introduction to Behavioural Economics14 January 2025
Applied Behavioural Economics17 February 2025

Find more information on the programme below:

Evidence and Behaviour-Based Offer