Organisational Development Practitioner Essentials Programme

Is this programme for you?

The ODPE is a bold and innovative programme which will demystify Organisational Development and inspire everyone attending to refresh, renew and reinvigorate OD within their place of work.

The programme is targeted at anyone who is involved in bringing OD to life within their organisation – be that HR, L&D or OD practitioners as well as senior managers, aspiring leaders and leaders of transformation. 

This programme offers:
  • An exploration of current thinking, ideas and approaches to OD
  • An opportunity to build a long term, collaborative approach for sustainable change
  • An increased awareness of ‘self’ and how you can increase your presence and impact
  • A chance to share your expertise with others, and to learn from those around you
  • The confidence and expertise to become a trusted OD partner within your organisation
The Objectives
  1. Develop your sense of ‘self’ and understand the presence and impact you can bring to your role
  2. Demystify OD – a safe place to explore where you currently are as a Practitioner and to get to grips with the latest thinking and techniques
  3. Principles and tools – kitting yourself out with a range of tools and techniques you can apply in your practice
  4. Consulting – gaining a deeper understanding of your role and your potential to make a lasting impact
  5. Your ‘Top Work’ – Building trusted, collaborative relationships that can withstand challenge to establish yourself as the ‘go to’ person for OD
  6. Real world scenarios – the chance to put theory into practice and work collaboratively within the group, addressing a real-life OD piece of work

Programme Content

The programme will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your skills, working ‘in the moment’ in a dynamic and collaborative environment.  You will be working with others on ‘real work’ in a safe environment that balances high support and high challenge. You will be encouraged to stretch your thinking, step out of your comfort zone and find a new way of ‘being’, rather than simply ‘doing’. 

Induction- Half Day: Who am i? Why am i here? Who are all these other people?

Establishing the team, understanding where you and others are just now, agreeing ways of working and planning your personal journey through the programme. 

Module 1- 2 Days: Removing the language barrier 

Demystifying OD and exploring our practice, focusing on how to build trusted, collaborative relationships and rethinking mindsets and the nature of our role.  Setting out on an OD challenge. 

Module 2- 1 Day: The tools in the kitbag

Who said what, and why?  Exploring ideas and approaches that can be applied to what’s happening right now within your organisation, whilst getting to grips with some underpinning theories and OD principles of OD – establishing a sound theoretical base for our work. Reflecting on and learning from your OD challenge, and planning what will happen next. 

Module 3- 1 Day: All change? 

Exploring our experience of change and developing knowledge, skills and confidence to establish your credibility in enabling sustainable change within your organisation. Recognising where the power lies and using your spheres of influencing to get things done. Continuing to reflect on and learn from your OD challenge, and planning how you might apply your latest thinking to this. 

Module 4- 1 Day: So What?

What’s changed and how do we know?  Thinking about measuring the difference and ending a piece of work well whilst leaving ownership where it needs to be. Reflecting on individual and collective journeys and being clear on our network of support. 

Module 5- Half Day: Pause, Reflect, Celebrate & think about what next…

Celebrating your achievements with your colleagues and key stakeholders,  consolidating your relationships within your network, and planning the next steps on your developmental journey. 

Module Dates

  • 4 September 2020
  • 17 & 18 September 2020
  • 23 October 2020
  • 12 November 2020
  • 15 December 2020
  • 29 January 2021

Please note, places are limited to 12 per programme- first come first served.


Several dates beginning Friday 4 September 2020- See description for full schedule

Member Cost

£1,750 + VAT

Non-Member Cost

£2,275 + VAT

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