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Even before the pandemic, we were entering a more hybrid world of working. Far more employees were working remotely, made possible by the latest advances in communication technology. The pandemic has then accelerated this hugely.

The main risk of this is that we use the human-centric part of our work and become more task-focussed, as shown below:

This leaves managers and leaders with a whole range of challenges to consider when creating connected teams, including:

  • Communicating virtually
  • Managing performance
  • Building trust
  • Developing the team
  • Networking

None of the leadership challenges mentioned above are new. They are as essential in co-located teams as in the virtual space. The big difference, however, is that it is harder to put this into practice in a virtual team and that the consequences of mismanagement are bigger when it comes to virtual teams. We know that there are many challenges to face when leading virtual teams, but we also know that all of these challenges can be turned into advantages.

This workshop draws on the latest research into virtual leadership to firstly get leaders thinking about their roles and how they can tackle the challenges above. We explore a range of practical tips and techniques, from understanding people’s flex-styles (their preference for flexible working), how to foster psychological safety and trust through the use of autonomy and job crafting, and how we can rethink communication and increase ‘burstiness’ in our teams.

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