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North West Employers are delighted to offer an in-depth evidence and behaviour-based programme that will provide our members with the knowledge they need for improved learning and organisational development activities.

Split across the two key themes, the evidence-based component will provide key insight into developing a strategic culture, gathering and interpreting data effectively to inform development activities, and transferring learning into valuable action. The second component explores behavioural science and how it can be leveraged to maximise wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Programme Content

In ‘An Introduction to Evidence-Based HR and OD’, participants will be introduced to the concept of evidence-based learning in the context of OD and HR. The session will outline how increased awareness and use of evidence-based approaches can deliver greater wellbeing, collaboration and performance.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define what an evidence-based approach is and why it is important.
  • Assess situations when a lack of evidence-based approach has caused undesirable outcomes.
  • Highlight key forms of evidence that should be used within an evidence-based approach.
  • Introduce CIPD’s process for evidence-based practice.
  • Discuss the application of Critically Appraised Topics and Rapid Evidence Assessments.
  • Begin to apply an evidence-based assessment of a key organisational area you are working on.

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Member Cost

£95 + VAT

Non-Member Cost

£123 + VAT

This session will take place from 09:30 – 12:30 via Microsoft Teams.