Is this programme for you?

Are you looking towards your first director-level role in the Public Sector?

Are you thinking about the learning journey you will need to experience to enable you to be ‘job-ready’?

Are you up for developing your own powerful learning agenda, whilst working with peers to create a Community of Practice and enabling them to achieve theirs?

Students will gain a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the workplace coach, deepening their understanding of the impacts that coaching can have. They will develop the ability to reflect on their own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach, and be able to provide evidence of their development through the qualification. They will gain valuable experience of planning, delivering and reviewing coaching, and also their own further development as a coach.

Programme Content

The Award consists of two ‘themes’ and the Certificate has three ‘themes’. All are designed around the learning outcomes of the ILM units.

Theme 1 – Effective and Ethical Workplace Coaching (Award and Certificate)

Theme 2 – Workplace Coaching in Practice (Award and Certificate)

Theme3 – Professional Practice (Certificate only)




£775 + VAT


£1,425 + VAT

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