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This programme features a practical analysis on the restriction of exit payments as well as other Employment Law developments.

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We have known about the looming restriction of exit payments since July this year. But now is the time to really start crunching the detail:

  • What do you need to do if the cap comes in before any changes can be made to the local government pension scheme?
  • What about ongoing restructuring exercises?
  • How does the cap impact on an employee’s contractual entitlement?
  • What payments have to be reduced and in what order?
  • When and how will the council be able to waive the cap?
  • What is the impact on schools (different types), Teachers Pensions and waiver process for school employees?

These are the questions that Darren will try to answer as we learn more of the Governments plans.

The webinar will also look at the key Employment Law developments in 2020 – including:

  • The Supreme Court’s decision on sleepover shifts and the minimum wage
  • ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ dismissals where the employee is accused of criminal conduct
  • Disability Discrimination – when does an employee’s misconduct ‘arise from’ their disability?
  • Equal pay and the material factor defence
  • Impact of the TUPE waiver
  • Status of WOC/ LATCos ref scope

As ever, there will also be an opportunity for you to ask your own questions on any employment law topics you choose.


Tuesday 3 November 2020, 

10.00 – 12.15

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£40 + VAT

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