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Domestic Abuse for Managers – An Introduction

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This Domestic Violence training course helps organisations to understand what domestic violence is, how it may begin, who perpetrates abuse, and how to identify when it may be happening. The course outlines the impact that domestic violence and abuse has on victims and families, and assists learners to understand how to respond appropriately to their concerns.

The programme is designed to educate businesses across the UK on what domestic abuse is, the difference they can make to each of their employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse, and to highlight the Domestic Abuse Policy for organisations.

Programme Content

Aims of the course

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Understand what is meant by domestic violence and abuse
  • Be aware of the most common components of abuse
  • Domestic abuse facts and statistics
  • Understand the impact that domestic violence and abuse has on victims and their lives
  • Have an awareness of how domestic violence begins and who may perpetrate the abuse
  • Understand the impact that domestic violence and abuse has on victims and families
  • Know how to respond appropriately to any concerns about staff in relation to domestic violence

Currently one in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence sometime in their lives. Domestic abuse is prominent in society and men and children can also be victims.

It is often a taboo subject but domestic violence does not just happen in the home, it often follows victims to work, spilling over into the workplace.

A victim can be harassed, receive threatening phone calls, they can be absent because of injuries or be less productive due to extreme stress. Domestic violence is a serious, recognisable and preventable problem, similar to other workplace health and safety issues that affect businesses and their bottom lines.

UNISON recognise domestic abuse as a form of discrimination that should be acknowledged within the workplace due to the affects it can have on the persons work performance, as well as their health and safety.

Every employer should be aware of the impacts of domestic abuse on their employees and therefore be able to identify and support all staff.

This programme focuses on the important topics such as the different types of abuse, legislation, and signposting for support.

Time: 10.00 to 12.30

This session is being held virtually via Microsoft Teams.



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