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Evidence and Behaviour – Based Programme Offer Pathways

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new evidence and behaviour-based programme for 2024. The complex environment that we find ourselves operating in requires organisations to find new and innovative solutions to the HR and OD problems we face. Many industry experts and professional bodies promote the use of evidence and behaviour-based approaches, to devise better people solutions that support the behaviours of our workforce. With this in mind, we have developed an offer that will introduce the key concepts within evidence-based practice and behaviour-based HR and OD. Some of our members have already started this journey with us and have began to see the benefits that these approaches can bring.

We understand that our member organisations will be at different points within their organisational and learning development programmes and may have different requirements from the evidence and behavioural-based offer. Therefore, we are proposing several potential pathways within this offer that will provide varying levels of content. These pathways will ensure that there is an offer to suit all members in relation to their budget, availability/capacity and development need.

Programme Content


  • To establish a definition of conflict.
  • Introduce behavioural-based and brain models and their application to conflict resolution.
  • Discuss approach styles to conflict and their strength and weakness. Identify one’s own approach.
  • Highlight the workplace factors that can lead to conflict, and how they can be reduced.
  • Identify factors that can support positive work relationships, and how they can be promoted.
  • List the benefits of resolving conflict early and the implications of leaving conflicts unresolved.
  • Discuss the steps to successful conflict resolution and the benefits of doing so in the workplace.

Time: 09:30 – 12:30

This session is being held virtually via Microsoft Teams.



Member Cost

£95 + VAT

Non-Member Cost

£123 + VAT

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