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We are almost one year on from the start of the pandemic and, all being well, the end is finally in sight! When we left our offices back in March 2020 to work from home for ‘a few weeks’, none of us would have ever imagined it would take this long to get back to ‘normal’ life; and what a new normal that has turned out to be!

For many of us over the past 12 months, our homes have also been our workspace and therefore, managing our teams remotely is now a crucial part of the new norm. Formal Council meetings are regularly held online and most of the ‘typical’ elements of our day to day working life are functioning within the digital world. However, the recent roadmap out of lockdown suggests that soon, we will be able to come back together in the office again, how exciting!

That being said, it is unlikely that organisations will encourage their workforce to give up home working completely; so after such a long time, we are now having to re-juggle home working, office working, and our personal lives- just when a lot of us were getting used to working from home. How will this feel after such a long time? It is possible that having to find this balance again could present some challenges for us to overcome and therefore, it is now more important than ever for the focus to be on our physical & mental wellbeing.

As we transition through the next phase and hopefully out of lockdown for good, we will continue to keep a watchful eye on any changes to national HR guidance and our HR Advice line and specialised support continues as normal, along with our monthly HR webinars. Meetings and activities will still be delivered via digital platforms however, in line with government guidance, we may start to conduct some of our day-to-day activities face-face, where appropriate and safe to do so. Our consultancy work and additional support continues to be available through digital solutions wherever possible. We have developed a new programme aimed at managers who want to build their confidence in managing remotely: The Essentials of Remote Working. Contact support@nwemployers.org.uk for more information.

We are also constantly updating the range of resources that are available to you. This library of resources includes bite sized learning around agile squad working and practical guidance and support to help Councillors connect with their communities via social media. Click here to view anything new or resources that you may have missed.

Our team will continue to respond to the emerging picture by adapting and adding to our offer in line with the advice; our 2021-22 Offer will be launching soon! If there is anything you would like to see or feel would be a benefit to colleagues across the region, please do let us know.

You can read our full offer here.

Our Offer

You can read our full offer here…