We support councillors’ professional development in many ways

Our region’s councillors have an essential role in working with and advancing communities. To be effective, you need quality support from political groups, local authorities and other organisations. We offer a range of services that rethink the role of councillor and support your ongoing development.
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Our councillor development offer

Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

Building an effective PDP can help you understand your skillset as a councillor and identify what you bring to your role. It can also reveal future development needs that inform your training plans. We can support you with design, discussion and production of your PDP.

Reflective Skills Support

The role of councillor is highly demanding, often involving conflict and emotionally-charged situations. We offer support to equip councillors with the skills to cope, including managing their own emotions and resolving conflict.

Foundational Skills Support

Develop key skills that help you understand important policy and portfolio areas and committee roles. Our offering includes an induction programme, practical training in skills such as chairing meetings, speed reading and knowledge-based development related to devolution and combined authorities.

Media Skills Support

Access specialist training in TV and radio interviews, which help councillors to build confidence and present their ideas in the public spotlight. We can also help councillors learn how to gather and articulate their thoughts concisely, clearly and convincingly.

Relational Skills Support

Today’s public-facing councillors need to bring together and present resources in creative and compelling ways. We can provide support to develop softer skills such as influencing, negotiating, listening, connecting and storytelling.

Scrutiny Support

How do we make sure our public services are effective, accountable and transparent? North West Employers offers support for the scrutiny function, helping you to use good governance as a tool for growth and maximise the opportunities of devolution from a governance perspective.

Digital Skills Support

Digital technologies have an important role in engaging communities in conversations about their local issues. We can help you to build confidence in using new technologies and platforms effectively.

Managing Case Work

Balancing the many demands of the councillor’s role can be tough. We can help you manage your case work effectively, so you can maximise your time.

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