We can help you navigate the complexity of the public sector

It’s been a challenging decade for the public sector, but we’ve been there with you through it all – continuing to support innovation and transformation with our collaborative approach. As a not-for-profit organisation, we can develop sustainable relationships and work with you on long-term programmes and problems. We learn continuously from our daily work with senior leaders, and we feed these insights back into our collaborations with you.
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Aspiring Directors’ Programme

Be job-ready for your first director-level role in the public sector.

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Digital Leadership

Learn a new approach to digital and people-centred transformation.

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Emerging Leaders’ Programme

Accelerated learning for middle managers with senior leader potential.

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Our Consultancy Services

Develop Enabling Systems

Our Systems Leaders Development Centre offers support including executive coaching, leading systems through chaos, and cross-sector action learning. We can help your organisation to work better together across systems, to fulfil your core aims and to become greater than the sum of its parts. We can also offer system diagnostics and help you build new confidence and awareness across your teams.

Identify and Select Talent

Why go through the long and difficult recruitment process alone? We offer a tailored, comprehensive service that supports you at every stage – including identifying your future talent needs. Our experience of working with organisations to appoint chief executives, directors and other senior managers is often invaluable.

Access HR Advice and Consultancy

Our dedicated HR advice line can help your team, including line managers with a pivotal role in implementing HR policies, to tackle complex employment issues. We also offer training tailored to your local procedures, environment and culture. Popular training elements include the impact of line manager behaviour; fair appraisal and recruitment; discrimination and equality; discipline and grievance frameworks and capability; and employee engagement.

Access Investigation Support

It’s not always easy to see the root of your own organisation’s culture and governance issues. Only an independent review by an experienced associate can reveal problems with clarity. We offer objective investigations that can help you improve disciplinary, grievance, whistleblowing and other procedures and practices. We can also help your managers and teams understand procedures and operate within them.

Develop an Innovative Organisation

The public sector is changing rapidly: organisations are adopting new, distributed structures, while mergers are requiring teams to work and collaborate differently. We can support you to take advantage of these changes. We offer organisational development (OD) strategy, leadership and HR support that helps you design, structure and measure a culture of innovation. Talk to us if you are interested in innovative new ways of working.

Build High-Performing Teams

If your organisation’s goals are changing, then the skills you need to achieve them are changing too. We can help you build high-performing teams on a foundation of trust, resilience and strong relationships. Our support is built on decades of experience and unique insight into the future of the public sector. We can tailor programmes to your budgets, priorities and timescales.

Enable Fair Pay, Recognition and Reward

Can you publicly justify your salary decisions, including those for senior managers’ pay? Do your employees understand them and do they stand up to external scrutiny? We can help you create role profiles, conduct job evaluation training, and receive advice and recommendations on pay and grading based on the latest local authority market data. Our organisational development (OD) and reward offering also includes workshops, consultancy and research services.

Access 1:1 Mediation Services

Do you need help to resolve disputes and breakdowns in your team’s working relationships? We provide independent mediation for problematic relationships between two individuals, small teams and groups of colleagues. We can also offer training for your internal mediators, including provision of accredited training to establish your own mediation resource for one-to-one and group disagreements.

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