Hello and thank you for your interest in the Aspiring Executive Leadership Programme with us at
North West Employers.

As a senior leader in local government, you don’t need me to tell you what amazing opportunities a
career in local government brings. Where else can you work with such complexity, rapid change and
some great people to really make a difference?

We’ve seen first hand the ongoing challenges around recruitment and retention and how this has led
to councils taking a long, hard look at how we can grow our own talent and make local government a
career of choice.

Coupled with that, the increasing complexity of the world in which we operate as senior leaders,
demands a breadth of leadership and the ability to work beyond departmental and organisational
boundaries to lead and provide strategic direction across a portfolio of services and partners.

With this in mind, we’re so pleased to have partnered with the Academy of Leadership and Management
to bring this executive leadership programme to you in the North West. By offering the programme
regionally, we’re able to contextualise the content and give you the opportunity to work with your
peers. This will help bring the programme to life and support the talent pipeline across the North

Is this programme for you?
The North West Employers Aspiring Senior Leader programme is designed for those who work in or aspire to a senior leadership role. It is built around the Level 7 Strategic Leader apprenticeship and CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Programme Content

Introduction – Monday 29 January 2024 – Workshop
The North West Employers Aspiring Senior Leader programme is designed for those who work in or aspire to a senior leadership role. It is built around the Level 7 Strategic Leader apprenticeship and CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Monthly Structure
The programme is built around the following learning activities:

Group/Individual Workshop – Full Day
These sessions will deliver course content, provide opportunity for interactive learning and expert
tuition as well as guest speakers where appropriate. Where the programme is delivered to a group
and include opportunities for debate, discussion and peer learning. Your course tutor will also
provide guidance and advice on how to approach assessed elements of your qualification including
written assignments and the development of your skills / behaviours portfolio.

Independent study
During these allocated weeks you will be required to work on your ILM workbooks and formal written
assignments as well as compiling evidence for your skills / behaviours portfolio. There will be no
direct contact from your tutor during these weeks, though they will be accessible via email for

Individual executive coaching
Individual sessions with your executive coach. At the start of the programme, you will set a
coaching contract with your coach and then, as you progress, you will work on your own agenda. This
might include, but not be limited to, the programme, your growth as a senior leader, challenges
within your workload and any other areas you wish to address. This will be a safe, confidential
space for you to ask questions about your formal assignments and raise any concerns you may have
regarding any aspects of the programme.

Online group tutorial
During these weeks, take part in group tutorial sessions. Your tutor will support you and your
colleagues in process and accreditation aspects of the programme, including guidance on
assessments, your projects and the end point assessment.

Line manager support
As part of your programme, you will meet with your coach and line manager once a quarter, to review
your progress and discuss opportunities for development.

Action learning
You will work in action learning groups as you progress. Although not timetabled, these sessions
will support you in applying your learning and building your network and personal brand.

Peer Extended Learning Events
During each Module, your group will be working with your group to undertake and Extended Learning
Event. This will be a one-day event, organised by your group. The subject matter should relate in
some way to strategic leadership in the public service and perhaps related to the Module subject,
(although this is not mandatory). The detailed agenda is very much up to you and your colleagues to
agree, plan, organise and deliver. There is no budget from the programme for this, but you are
welcome to leverage funds from elsewhere.

You can discuss this with the programme team and we encourage you to be creative.
It could be, but is not limited to
o Workshops
o Conferences
o Shadowing
o Events

Research project
You will work on three research projects, one for each of modules 2, 3 and 4, that will be
sponsored by a more senior manager. This will be looking at developing strategic level results for
your authority. You will be asked to write up your findings and results and present them to the
senior manager and others once you have delivered it and evaluated the results.

The programme assessment will be linked to reflective journals, submitted monthly, which are linked
to the relevant CMI units associated with each module. The journal content is relatively light, on
a weekly basis, with some more detailed requirements on occasion.

How is the programme paid for?
The total cost of the programme is covered by the apprenticeship levy.

If your levy is overspent, you can still claim the cost through this route but you will need to find 5% of the cost, which is £700.

Workshop Dates
Module 1 – Preparing for your executive development journey – Wednesday 6 March 2024
Module 2 – Becoming a strategic leader – Wednesday 22 May, Wednesday 26 June and Wednesday 7 August 2024
Module 3 – Strategic planning and leading successful transformation – Wednesday 6 November, Wednesday 11 December 2024 and Wednesday 12 February 2025
Module 4 – Leading a high performance culture – Wednesday 14 May, Wednesday 11 June and Wednesday 30 July 2025
Final activities – Gateway meeting w/c 20 October 2025

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