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NHS70 Regional Nursing & Midwifery Events

Join the live streaming event on 3 July to celebrate the amazing contributions nursing, midwifery and care staff have made since the launch of the NHS in 1948.  https://www.england.nhs.uk/livestreams/

As the NHS turns 70, we are placing nursing, midwifery and care staff at the very centre of national celebrations and on 3 July, four regional events will recognise the remarkable contribution nursing, midwifery and care staff have made to our NHS over the last seven decades and look to the next 70 years.  Further information on how to book on the events is available here JOIN THE LIVESTREAMING EVENT 3 JULY WITH PROF JANE CUMMINGS V.01

 North West Transforming Care Finance Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to register for the North West Transforming Care Finance Workshop being held at Manchester Conference Centre on Thursday 10th May 2018.

Please click on the link below to register via Eventbrite:


Building the Right Support – a national plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities for people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition – sets out that:

  • “Local transforming care partnerships will be asked to use the total sum of money they spend as a whole system on people with a learning disability and/or autism to deliver care in a different way that achieves better results”.
  • “The arrangements for pooled budgets will need to be agreed and negotiated locally to ensure that no partner is disadvantaged by the arrangements and that the risks are shared across the partnership.”

The finance workshop aims to address some of the practical problems and challenges being raised by local authority partners within Transforming Care Partnerships (TCP) about the financial arrangements and issues being encountered. We hope to use these workshops to:

  • Provide practical support and guidance;
  • Support discussion on what a reasonable funding arrangement would look like;
  • Enable LAs to share local approaches and progress – for example, through the development of risk share and section 75 agreements.

TCP partners are at different stages of working towards sustainable shared agreements; through these workshops we hope to provide the forum to:

  • Share approaches and challenges with colleagues from other authorities;
  • Support progress in reaching the shared local agreements that are needed to help people return home.

We recommend that LAs invite their strategic commissioners and finance staff, and other senior officers that may be engaged in their local Transforming Care Partnerships.