A well led, well trained workforce with the right cultural attitude, motivation, knowledge and skills provides effective, high qualified person centred care and support.

Within the context of integration efficiencies and changing structures in health and social care, workforce development will be critical to maintaining a good service and achieving positive health and wellbeing outcomes for people.

Workforce Development is one of the top priorities for North West ADASS, as we work together with our partners across the region to address the new vision for the adult health and social care workforce.

NW ADASS Workforce Strategy 

Our North West ADASS Workforce Strategy 2015-17 sets out a vision for the development of the future adult health and social care workforce across the region.

Please click here to download the Strategy:

The purpose of this Strategy on a Page is to provide a single document that will coordinate activity to build the capacity and increase the capability of the social care workforce in the North West. It is designed to build on the successful work undertaken in 2014 and ensure that workforce development is at the heart of discussions on the transformational change agenda.

The Strategy comprises of the following 6 work streams, which all have their own programme of activity attached:

  • Workforce Skills For Integrated Care Models
  • Integration, Collaboration and Strategic Leadership
  • Workforce Market Shaping- Minimum Ethical Standards
  • Statutory Reforms Post 2014 Care Act
  • Talent Management
  • GM Health and Social Care Devolution

Please click here to download the work streams

NW ADASS Workforce Group

The NW ADASS Workforce subgroup is chaired by the NW ADASS workforce lead, Sharon Barber but has a wide membership drawn from a range of interested parties. Delivery of the strategy will be managed and overseen by this group;

Please click here to download the Terms of Reference for the Group

The delivery of the Strategy will be monitored throughout the year through regular highlight reports and via presentations of progress reports at NW ADASS meetings.

GM Devolution

Within the context of Public Sector Reform there is a huge appetite to do things differently across the health and social care sector so that we can prevent and delay the on-set of conditions in the future whilst continuing to provide key services for the people who need them now.

The Devolution of Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester provides us with a unique opportunity to challenge and change the silo, insular way in which the two sectors have traditionally operated. As health and social care powers and funds transfer from central to local government it will enable the region to redefine the way in which staff across health and social care work- questioning traditional roles and practice, introducing new relationships, teams and professions- including the vocationally qualified workforce and community assets to deliver most personalised, effective and efficient care.

The scale of change will impact significantly on our workforce and a key aspect of the NW ADASS Workforce Strategy will focus on how the health and social care workforce becomes an enabler to support the delivery GM Devolution.

For further information on GM Health and Social Care Devolution, including the implementation plan “Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester” please click on the following link : GM Health and Social Care Devolution