Finance & Resources


The Finance and Resources Network is led by Donna Ridland, Business Finance Manager at Liverpool City Council. The Network provides a forum for strategic finance leads in Adult Social Care and Health from North West local authorities to have an opportunity to meet and discuss common issues and developments, and share information with a view to making best use of resources.

NW ADASS Finance and Resources Strategy and/or Terms of Reference

The Network aims to:

  • cover a range of adult social care finance issues of mutual interest including relevant service development and policy implementation
  • contribute to strategic debates about the future of adult social care and new legislation
  • benchmark financial performance in relation to the most efficient delivery and use of resources for adult social care ;
  • provide mutual support to Member Authorities and assist North West ADASS on finance issues ;
  • To link to ADASS and with other North West ADASS sub-groups for briefing and other joint work.

The group will link with other relevant organisations e.g. Health to ensure a coordinated and effective response to key issues, where applicable.

The group will be responsible to ADASS NW Directors which will agree the work plan for the year and receive regular reports on the work undertaken by the group. ADASS NW will also authorise the Terms of Reference for the group and any future changes.

ADASS NW Directors of Adult Social Services will encourage attendance of the group at the appropriate level.

The group will have themed meetings based on current issues in accordance with the annual workplan. External presenters will be encouraged to attend where this is appropriate and all authorities will be expected to support the activity of the group and share in the input required for presentations and themed discussions.

Areas of activity for discussion and analysis will be determined by an annual work plan and does not prejudice any future activity but may include:

  • Financial implications of Judicial Reviews
  • Impact of changes to Health Services
  • Impact of funding through business rates
  • Legislative changes
  • Care Act 2014
  • Better Care Fund
  • Savings
  • Review of common areas for joint working and efficiencies
  • National Living Wage

The group also provides an opportunity for dialogue outside of meetings through group email exchange on queries and other networking opportunities. The possibility of a website or Sharepoint site may be considered as a future development.

Meetings will take place on a bi-monthly basis (6 meetings per year) and each meeting will be scheduled to last up to a maximum of 3 hours. The venue for three of the meetings will be provided by St Helens Council, the other 3 meetings will be arranged at alternative venues in order to encourage maximum attendance. Minutes will be produced for each meeting and circulated to group members and copied  the NWSFL’s DASS sponsor

The main costs associated with the group will be officer time attending meetings. Costs will be funded by a reserve balance which is held from previous CSIP activity.

The Chair will be appointed from the membership of the group.  The position of Chair of the group will renewed on an annual basis and will be subject to a vote by the group and approval by the Lead ADASS NW Director Quorum – Meetings will be quorate if six local authorities are in attendance.