Care Act


During 2014 NW ADASS constituted a Care Act Programme led by the NW ADASS Lead Director for the Care Act, Stuart Cowley (Strategic Director, Wigan Council). From January 2015 a full time programme manager, Andrew Burridge was appointed to provide dedicated capacity. Grant funding was made available to support regions implementing the Care Act, with an assumption from the Joint Programme Office (DH/LGA) that regional collaboration would add value.

Care Act Programme Managers have requested a webspace to host key documents. NW Employers have helpfully offered use of their webspace. Documents on this website are publicly accessible.

The North West’s 23 local authorities have been collaborating to support one another implement the Care Act. Since 2014 a regular meeting of Care Act Programme Managers have met to share information, advised the lead NW ADASS Director for the Care, and identify opportunities to work together. They have also been instrumental in deploying regional grant funding.

The pages are intended to act as a library of key resources for Care Act Programme Managers and NW ADASS work stream leads.


The North West Care Act Programme Manager will work with North West Employers to upload key documents.

Please use the navigation pages (to the right if using desktop/below if using mobile or tablet) to explore the resources available. (resources are updated regularly)

The National Care & Support Reform website is an additional key resource for information and guidance.