NW ADASS Programme Office


Tom Maloney

NW ADASS Programme Director
Email: thomasnwadass@nwemployers.org.uk

Tom has worked in both the NHS and local government most recently as strategic lead for Greater Manchester Public Health Network with a focus on delivering improved health outcomes for the people who live and work in the city-region. Tom has extensive experience of creating and establishing sustainable collaboration across a wide range of partners and geographies and is driven by the fact that working together can improve the outcomes and opportunities for the people of the North West. In his spare time Tom enjoys going to the gym, socialising with family and friends and travelling to see new European cities and countries.

Janet Appleton

NW ADASS Improvement Delivery Officer
Email: Janeta@nwemployers.org.uk

Before joining North West Employers Janet was Executive Office Manager for the North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NWIEP). Janet has also worked for the NHS, AGMA and North West Regional Assembly. Janet now supports the NW ADASS Programme Office and NW Employers Improvement Director, working on SLI, Integration, Better Care Projects and Health and Wellbeing, she also supports assessment centres for senior officer recruitments. In her spare time Janet enjoys traveling, cooking (especially lots of treats for the office), gardening, DIY and crafts.