NW ADASS Governance


The North West is one of the largest regions in terms of geography, (stretching 20km below Chester to the Scottish border) population size (over 7 million) and the number of upper tier local authorities (23). The region incorporates Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

All 23 upper tier local authorities in the North West of England have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and are committed to the principles behind sector led improvement (SLI). We individually and collectively believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the services we provide and the approaches we take are rooted in ensuring that outcomes for adults are improved and that our populations are better off as a result of the work we do. Our ambition is that sector led improvement sits at the heart of the shift away from compliance and towards a learning and improvement culture. The approach we are adopting across the region will, over time, ensure that we develop reflective practice throughout the system and the necessary skills to embed our vision of shared learning, reflection, self-awareness and different forms of peer support and challenge leading to targeted action where needed.

As a result our region encompasses tremendous diversity – with overall relative poor health the region includes some of the country’s largest and fastest growing economies. The region includes large, predominantly rural counties but also densely populated urban centres. Our local authorities are at the forefront of innovation through devolution programmes and participation in a range of integration programmes and European funding programmes.

Despite this diversity we have successfully come together as 23 local authorities to identify common strategic priorities which we will work on during 2016/17.

The Executive Board, Branch and Sector Led Improvement Board all have Terms of Reference which have been agreed by all 23 local authorities.