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About North West Employers

Our purpose is to both enable and inspire you to be the best you can be, for your communities, citizens and places. To achieve this purpose, we aim to be: 

  • A provider of innovative solutions and a catalyst for collaborative working 
  • An independent broker bringing together partners to harness your collective strength and knowledge
  • A highly respected and influential advocate for our members; championing leadership of your locality and maximisation of all available resources
  • An invaluable resource of specialist expertise and capacity; providing advice and support on key issues 
  • The main interface between employers and trade unions at a regional level on strategic issues

Our close relationship with regional and national partner organisations, helps us build a stronger, more connected, North West.  

We are not for profit and our funding is from two main sources: membership subscriptions and commercial income through consultancy work and additional support. Every pound that is invested in us either through your membership or through additional services is reinvested back into the public service in the North West.

Our activity is designed to meet your needs; ensuring that you get added value, every step of the way. Our 3 Priority areas are: Systems & Culture Change, Community Leadership and Talent & Workforce.

Our Offer

Our Annual Report 2019-20​